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by The War Goes On

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John Lisa
John Lisa thumbnail
John Lisa So damned good, this album. Thanks to Art Core magazine for introducing me to this band. Loving this recording. Punchy, tight with some melody. Great job. Very catchy.
Jakob thumbnail
Jakob Great catchy, but nevertheless dark sounding punk with a poppy, yet unpolished edge Favorite track: Gloomy Monday.
Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan thumbnail
Peter Ryan These guys are a certain highlight for the upcoming K-Town Hardcore Fest,
I can't wait!!
hilltop thumbnail
hilltop If you like "bad religion" then you will love this band. Lead vocals are alittle more coarse but it all works and is an great album. Favorite track: Counter-Attack.
f thumbnail
f I just freaking love this guys.
Singalong hooklines meets DK-punkrock. Favorite track: Ugly Part of Town.
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Well it seems like hope has left this place and there's no help to be found And we're stuck here in the ugly part of town So i dope myself with booze and pills until the room is spinning around Cos it sucks here in the ugly part of town And if the streetlights worked they'd shine upon this god forsaken ground And the cops here in the ugly part of town They'll swing batons and spit in your face as they kick and hold you down Yes it sucks here in the ugly part of town
Worlds Apart 00:57
The world is full of assholes, cos when it rains it pours My excuse is alcohol, what the fuck is yours The world is full people who make me really sick I wanna pull a gun on them and shoot until it clicks Never gonna be like never gonna be like you They say that i'm a retard and maybe that is true At least i'm not another motherfucker just like you Don't know about the fashion i don't know what is cool The only thing i know for sure is i am not like you
Dear sir or madam, to whom this may concern We've travelled straight to hell, dodging every turn We pulled the plug, we crossed that line The show is over we're just waiting to die Universe rejoice, we're leaving soon We turned our world into planet doom So be what be, and come what will And as for now then i guess i'm living still Thanks society for ruining my day For pushing it so far that it's beyond insane The bitter grim truth of a world in decay It's just another gloomy fucking monday Wave goodbye to the life you once knew And welcome in the plot of Terminator 2 So be what be, and come what will And as for now then i guess i'm living still
I'm late i'm stuck here on the wrong side of the road Another episode of twilight zone The light is green and i can see the bus coming So now i'm runnin, now I'm fucking running Like a counter attack, and lay to waste Those tiny problems they will go away And if it takes more than that, well that's ok I got no buisness here anyway
I got some booze, i've got a box of razorblades Dreams of destruction, doom is painted on my face I hate this life i've tied a noose above my head I've got a mouthful of explosives to see to i make it dead I know a gun would cure this everlasting low destroy this brain that turned my life into a joke I'll take a jump, the building's 15 stories high And to this life on earth I'll say goodbye This shit that they call life I know Happiness is overthrown This shit that they call life I know That when I die i'm gonna die alone Take my head and squeeze it in a scythe I'm just grateful that we don't live twice I may be smiling but its just because I'm stoned And when I die I'm gonna die alone
Darkest Days 03:44
Everything is grey on grey the world is strange and fucked This is the last days of your youth Welcome your darkest days where living seems to suck as you grow old you'll find the truth Then your back begins to crumble Your body will decay In bitter sweet melancholy you look back at better days You cash in your monthly check but it's hard just to get by And you're trapped inside a body that just won't let go and die Your teeth are falling out and it's getting tough to eat And all you get is molded bread and stinking rotten meat You cash in your monthly check but it's hard just to get by And you're trapped inside a body that just wont let go and die
I find it hard to keep up nothing clever to say I'm out of step with the world just like Ian MacKaye I'm trying hard to break out fucking hard to break away I wanna live life my way or the highway That just gets harder day by day Cos there's a camera in the sky, watching And there's poison in the soil we're touching while unfriendly eyes are judging you I find it hard to keep up nothing clever to say I'm out of step with the world just like Ian MacKaye In the world where you better get your shit in gear you run like sheep and controlled by fear Feels like the end is fucking near Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth a try Sometimes i feel the human race it just deserves to die I hate this fucking world Cos it is all but fair It promised me a future though there's clearly nothing there
We're all the wasted cunts who pass by every single day We sit and talk sometimes we screw up but still you let us stay a fever distorted our minds We're fucked up but here we feel fine And now i'm sitting and drinking alone so drunk I've got nothing to do But i'm cutting it straight to the bone and i wrote this damn song just for you and all the wasted cunts...
Five different social workers and in between you wait It shouldn't bother you no more you wait in line with a hundred morons just like you You wanna go and slam the door where did the money go Did you just spend them in one day and how did you end up so far astray It doesn't matter bro' what you do or what you say They'll get you in the end anyway
I am a man of constant sorrow and i've seen troubles on my day I bid farewell to copenhagen and the boring streets where I was raised Rain falls to the ground and I'm wasted For all I know people they don't care Defeat so big I can taste it I wanna kill but i just don't dare Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger My face you'll never see again But there's one promise and it's given I'll meet you somewhere down the drain
This world its agony, I'm so demoralized By all this crap that keeps me banging on the gates of hate I might not see what you see, but you bet i sympathize with any loser ever born into this fucking place Its so retarded now the things you'll do to keep yourself from drowning in this ugly lake of misery But it is clear somehow, when in this shit neck deep that life is pain and death releases you from slavery The nightmares coming true it's now reality I look around and I can see that there's no hope for me sometimes it keeps on sucking even when you know you really tried I don't know where I'm going, not even where I'm at but when i'm fat and old i know I'll have to face the facts that life is just a piece of shit, the fucking dream that died


released April 18, 2016

Recorded & mixed by Lasse / Ballade Studios, DK
Mastered by Daniel Husayn / North London Bomb Factory, UK
Cover art by Will Kinser, Cover photo by Naya Buch
Released by New Dark Age & Adult Crash

Ronni: Guitar/Vocals
Casper: Bass
Troels: Drums
Lasse: Guitar


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The War Goes On Copenhagen, Denmark

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